As a non-profit organization, GoLI is funded solely by paid memberships and donations which go towards supporting organizational initiatives, events and functions - like the inaugural GoLI BBQ event on October 13, 2019.  However, even if you can't commit to a paid membership, we encourage you to join as a free Basic Member.  All memberships levels must be renewed annually, but memberships created in 2019 will last until the end of 2020.  Basic Memberships will last for three months, after which we'll check in to confirm whether you'd like to upgrade to a paid membership or continue as a Basic Member.

Want to be a Charter Member? 

Supporting and Donating Memberships created in 2019 will be listed on this site as "Charter Members" and Supporting Memberships created in 2019 will receive a limited edition "Charter Member" geocoin!  Join today!

Supporting or Donating Membership created in 2019 will be Charter Members!

Supporting Membership

  • $20 Annual Contribution

  • GoLI Charter Member Geocoin

  • Participate in GoLI challenges

  • Eligible for officer and committee involvement

  • Name listed on site 

Donating Membership

  • For those not interested in a GoLI Geocoin

  • Annual Contribution of any amount (min of $10 suggested)

  • Same benefits as Supporting Members



  • No Annual Contribution

  • Not eligible for GoLI challenges, names listed on the website and other perks such as initiative involvement 

As a small thank you to those who keep us free and safe, all GoLI merchandise and membership fees are and forever will be 10% off for all veterans, police officers and firefighters, past and present. Thank you for your service.

Interested in becoming a member? Great!  Email us at (or send us a message using the "contact us" tab on this site) and let us know your membership level.  If you are becoming a Supporting or Donating Member, send the appropriate membership amount to our Treasurer Bigedyben via Venmo (@Benjamin-Keslowitz) or Paypal via "Friends and Family" to  or otherwise make arrangements with us for payment. 

Current Supporting & Donating Members
Charter Members
  • angryguy (Jimmy)

  • AnnScout (Ann)

  • Aghudley (Kevin)

  • Aiden's Cachers (Steve)

  • Albertiality (Alex)

  • AliveAndOutside (Jenn)

  • Alliebaba40thieves (Allie)

  • Angeq123 (Angela)

  • Asooka 

  • Basecamp02 (Bruce)

  • bahbi (Marilyn)

  • Big_Pluto (Regan)

  • Bigedyben (Ben)

  • Bluedogrulz (Lynne)

  • BobNMLI (Bob)

  • BocceCacher (Johnny)

  • BroKarl (Karl)

  • Broncos Fan 4 Life (Chandra)

  • BSitton74 (Brad)

  • C and Z's Loot (Cindy and Zach)

  • CachingKaryn (Karyn)

  • Ciarmer (Dom)

  • CJ4Fish (Chris, Sue and Jessica)

  • CP590 (Andy)

  • DawnAiC (Dawn)

  • DirtBikeGranny (Lou Ann)

  • DisneyDork323 (Jennifer)

  • Dog and Bear (Steve)

  • Dmpt53 (Diane)

  • DPH1 (Dianne)

  • EarthmanL (Andrew)

  • EONS (Rich)

  • Eyedoc (Andrew)

  • FatboySuede (Craig)

  • Gemini Walker (JoAnn)

  • Glamping Cousins (Kellie &  Tony)

  • GoodSamNurse (Donna)

  • Groundsquirrel & Chunky Chipmunk (Stacey)

  • Hallycat (Barb)

  • Hankpixie (Jamie)

  • Harvey's Pack (Candice)

  • Hunt4Fish(John)

  • Iggy317 (Ingrid, Russel & Reiss)

  • IslesPunkFan (Neil)

  • *Jeremy* (Jeremy)

  • JKMudGirl (Cathy)

  • Joerx214 (Joseph)

  • JordsAU (Jordan)

  • Kazgab (Karen)

  • KIAX (Istvan)

  • Kybritymom (Lisa)

  • Leckylove (Chris)

  • Luckyboy (Bob)

  • LynnGeoGin (LGG) (Lynn)

  • MatthewCat (Matthew)

  • Mattscully (Matt)

  • MechMomcacher (Julie)

  • Meg the Pirate (Meg)

  • Merlin1392 (Tim)

  • MiNi_MoDaRiMaS (Riley & Mara)

  • Mjg231 (Matt)

  • MoDaRiMa (Jamie)

  • Moelsla (Maureen)

  • MontaukJen (Jen)

  • mmacgown (Marilyn)

  • MPKearney (Michael)

  • MJA108 (Michael)

  • Nessieboombatz (Vanessa)

  • New Market Mallers (Eric)

  • Noellerx (Noelle)

  • Obarshay (Oleg)

  • Oestfamily (John)

  • Old Navy (John)

  • OnABoat (Ian)

  • Poeanne (Anne)

  • PickleMule (Diane)

  • Punchappy (Tara)

  • RangerDoc (Kevin)

  • RemSpec (Steve)

  • RootsSearcher (Susan)

  • Rothstafari (Bryan Roth!!!)

  • RowBow (Rowan)

  • Roxbury Devil (Stephan)

  • Sandpbles (Claudia)

  • Sakiman (Bob)

  • Scolin (Scolin)

  • SeaRobyn (Robyn)

  • Shlomiɘ (Shlomie)

  • Spinball (Peter)

  • Sproutter (Seth)

  • Strombus (Boglarka)

  • Taaffe1204 (John)

  • Team Double A (Rich)

  • Team Bear-Cat (Mike, Nancy)

  • Team Melver (Tracy)

  • TedtheExplorer (M&M, T&T)

  • The 3 Caballeros (Jon-Jon)

  • The Caching Dead NY (Barry)

  • TheFrank4ters (Sarah)

  • ThelilWolfee (Debbie)

  • TheSnuggleMuggle (Maria)

  • Tman109ner (Maria)

  • TreasuredRabbit

  • TreasureGoddess16 (Lauren)

  • TSandCS (Tom & Chris)

  • UkiPiper (Nick)

  • Ultra648 (Tina)

  • Unwinder1 (Brian)

  • Wushu Sugar (Jax)

  • ZeppelinDT (Chris)

  • Zyklopin & Cthulhu (Judith)

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