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Who: Bryan Roth, President and Co-Founder of, in partnership with the Geocachers of Long Island (GoLI), a group of geocaching partyers who are legends in their own mind. 

What:  An amazing 3-day Long Island geocaching celebration! 

When: July 9-11, 2021

Where: Multiple places on Long Island and Manhattan


Why:  Because that’s how GoLI rolls!




Friday, July 9th: The weekend kicks off with Bryan Roth’s A Homecoming Community Celebration Event (GC8HJBM) starting at 4 PM located at beautiful Eisenhower Park in Garden City.  

  • Giveaways, live music, free local food and desserts

  • Everyone that signs the logbook get a free entry in the raffle for over $500 worth of prizes including custom ammo cans, 3D printed caches, stuff from Practical Geocaching and much much more

  • Presentations by Bryan, podcaster Seemyshell, Joshua the Geocaching Vlogger and Cully Long, the author of How to Puzzle Cache  

  • A limited-edition Bryan Roth geocoin (seen on the top of this page) will be on sale for only $5 for those attending the event!

  • New caches and Adventure Labs

  • A GoLI TB Board to drop or trade trackables

  • Most importantly, a chance to hang out with fellow geocachers, including Bryan!

Saturday, July 10th: GoLI is organizing multiple fun geocaching activities:

  • Icons in a Day: Cachers can earn over 60 finds from new caches and Adventure Labs published and three different events that will help cachers earn 10+ (and potentially up to 13) icons in a day!

  • Free Super Limited Edition GoLI Geocoin hunt:

    • GoLI members will be publishing 20 new caches that contain a GoLI Golden Coin Token that can be redeemed by paid GoLI members for a very limited-edition gold GoLI geocoin (only 50 will ever be made EVER - see picture below). See the pictures below of the GoLI Golden Coin Tokens so you know what you're looking for!  Our thanks to RoandJoe for the great design!

    • GeoArts: There are 5 cool GeoArts on Long Island.  GoLI members will randomly plant a GoLI Golden Coin Token in 2 caches for each GeoArt for a total of 12 additional free coin giveaways (but we won't be telling you which ones!). I know what you’re thinking: 12? How can there be 12 if there are 5 currently published GeoArts and each have 2 tokens?  You’ll see.

    • Only one geocoin per caching account! Tokens can be redeemed at the Long Island Pizza Is Delicious (GC8ZDMA) or GoLI Golden Coin Redemption and 🥪🥗🌯🥣🥤☕️ (GC9C801).  

  • Activities will include:

    • 8:30 AM:  GoLI Golden CITO (GC9C8AE): Start the day off doing a good deed in Smithtown

    • 10 AM: FTF opportunities! New caches will be published - including the GoLI Gold Coin Caches noted above.  

    • 2PM: Long Island Pizza Is Delicious (GC8ZDMA) in Hauppauge. Community Celebration Event where GoLI Golden Coin Tokens can be redeemed

    • 6:30 PM: GoLI Golden Coin Redemption and 🥪🥗🌯🥣🥤☕️ (GC9C801) in Bohemia. Relax and put your feet up! It’s been a long day!

Sunday, July 11th: GoLI Geocachers Take Manhattan GC9CV15 - Meet up 9:15 AM Sunday morning in Central Park to hang out in beautiful Central Park!  For those that are interested, a group will be doing the epic Bridges & Arches of Central Park (GC17MX1)!


In addition to the events and GeoArts noted above, there’s lots of fun geocaching stuff to do on Long Island.  There’s the GoLI’s Cache Machine (GC928RV) and other top favorited caches (see  Solve GoLI’s Project Dragon’s Fire (GC8PWAC) before you come and/or complete GoLI’s lighthouse GeoArt to earn a Project Dragon’s Fire Pathtag and a lighthouse Pathtag, respectively. 

GoLI Golden Coin

Actual GoLI Gold Coin.jpg

GoLI Golden Coin Tokens
(most are the coins - the sticks will be on some bison tubes)

GoLI Gold Coin token.jpg
GoLI Gold Coin Bison token.jpg

Just some of the GoLI Raffles...

Raffel 3.jpg
Raffle 1.jpg
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