About Us

Geocachers of Long Island, or GoLI, was created for and by Long Island Geocachers.  GoLI was created to: a) support, promote and enhance geocaching on Long Island by encouraging an active, helpful and fun geocaching community; b) create fun, educational and social geocaching events; and c) be an advocate for geocaching with property managers, government agencies and the general public.

To achieve its goals, GoLI will be active in the following areas:

  • Grow and enhance geocaching on Long Island by finding and encouraging new players; creating events that increase knowledge and best practices of the game and encouraging education through presentations in schools, libraries, scouting groups and other organizations.

  • Maintain a website as a resource for current and potential geocachers; encourage healthy communication between members; and reach-out and interact with the local community.

  • Create and promote regular social meetings for members to gather and socialize with one another; and create and promote special events and promote and sponsor organized geocaching outings.

  • Create and promote Cache-In-Trash-Out events; and community relations with property managers, government agencies and the general public. 

Board of Directors & Special Advisors

  • Co-Chairman: MoDaRiMa (Jamie)

  • Co-Chairman: Bigedyben (Ben)

  • Board Member: NewMarketMallers (Eric)

  • Board Member: Alliebaba40thieves (Allie)

  • Board Member: CP590 (Andy)

  • Special Advisor: TSandCS (Tom)

  • Special Advisor: ciarmer (Dom)

  • Special Advisor: Eyedoc (Andrew)